Command / Rank (Points) Description
NEWBIE (1000+) Available: + /spechide
PRO (2000+) Available: + /teleport
EXPERT (4000+) Available: + VIP models
MASTER (8000+) Available: + /mute , /extend, /votestart
KING (16000+) Available: + amx_map, VIP status, download maps (kzmapdl)
/menu Main menu
/scout Gives player a scout
/usp Gives player a usp
/guns   /weapons Other weapons
/nc   /noclip Noclip
/top15   /pro15   /nub15 Top15
/cp Make checkpoint
/gc   /tp Gocheck
/gcf Gochek (fixed angle)
/stuck Stuck
/reset   /rs Reset run
/start Teleport to start point
/spec   /ct Change team spectators/ct
/wr WR & Server records
/ss   /cs   /savestart Save custom start
/wt   /walltouch Enable/disable wall touch helper
/teleport   /goto Teleport to other player
/save Save run(to continue after reconnect)
/pause   /p Pause run
/slist   /speclist Show/hide speclist
/invis Invisible players/water
/showkeys Show/hide player keys
bind "key" +hook Hook
/spechide Hide nick in speclist
/admin Print admins list